Directional Drilling

Construction and oil exploration, as well as telecommunications services and a couple of other industries, use underground utilities for smooth operations. They constantly need excavation services to install and maintain those utilities. Traditional excavation techniques can prove to be ineffective and unsafe, so directional drilling is a better solution. 

Directional drilling, also known as horizontal directional drilling, offers many benefits over conventional methods. Hydrovac Winnipeg has been offering this service for more than 7 years. We use the most up-to-date equipment and highly skilled personnel to tackle any directional drill task.

Directional Drilling:

This technique is an alternative to digging trenches. The drill bit can be used to bore a horizontal or curved hole in the ground. An above-ground drilling rig controls the drill bit. It monitors its progress and adjusts its direction. The drilling rig also regulates speed and torque. This technique is sometimes called trenchless excavation. It’s used in all kinds of industries including oil, gas, utilities, and telecom.

Directional Drilling Hydrovac Winnipeg

How directional drilling works:

Drilling a small pilot hole underground with a steerable bit for directional drilling is a method of drilling. A larger reaming piece is then attached to the drill string and pulled through the hole until it is completed. You will repeat this process several more times, using progressively larger bits to increase the hole’s diameter.

This method can be used for many purposes, such as utility, telecom, oil, gas, and geothermal. You can create underground passages by using directional drilling for many purposes.


Telecommunications and Utilities:

For underground conduits and cables to be installed, directional drilling is a common method in utilities and telecoms. This technique eliminates the necessity to dig trenches or disturb surface-level infrastructure. Drilling horizontally or vertically allows you to install pipes and cables underneath roads and sidewalks.

Extracting Oil and Natural Gas

Directional drilling, a technique that extracts resources from beneath the Earth’s surface, is used commonly in the oil and natural gas industries. Drilling horizontally and at an angle can allow directional drilling to reach resources that would be impossible with conventional vertical drilling. This reduces surface impact and the need to drill on a smaller area.

Geothermal Wells

To create geothermal water wells, you can use directional drilling. It involves drilling horizontal and angled holes to create geothermal wells. You can use this energy to heat homes or make electricity.

Constructing Underground Structures or Tunnels

For underground tunnels or structures like subways, directional drilling can be also used. This allows the construction of underground infrastructure without causing any disruption to the environment. You can also use it in areas without traditional excavation techniques, or in densely populated regions with challenging terrain.

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